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Centro Comercial Rattan Plaza

Centro Comercial Rattan Plaza (Av. Jóvito Villalba, between Pampatar and Porlamar) – this shopping center, which has existed since the 1990s, has around 80 retailers (including some international brands like Clarks, Nine West, while the rest are local outlets). There’s also a play area for school children, art exhibits, musical events, and even gourmet cooking […]


Centro Comercial Sambil

Centro Comercial Sambil (Av. Jóvito Villalba, Pampatar) — located within the same boulevard on this vacation enclave, this is the largest mall on Margarita Island. Totaling 243 retailers, they include many of the same brands found in their Caracas outlet, the one difference being is that this outlet is located a short drive to the […]


Centro Comercial La Vela

Centro Comercial La Vela (Calle Los Uveros, Porlamar) – this shopping center is smaller than Costa Azul and Sambil, but still has a good selection of retailers and a decent food court. There is some entertainment during the weekends.


Centro Comercial Parque Costa Azul

Centro Comercial Parque Costa Azul (Av. Jóvito Villalba, Pampatar) –since Margarita Island is a tax-free zone, that means prices are around 15% to 20% lower than the rest of Venezuela. For that reason, it’s no surprise that a number of shoppers, including vacationers from other parts of Venezuela, visit this and other shopping centers in […]